About Us

Our Mission

UNIVERSAL SMILE’s mission is to develop the pathway for under-privileged children living below poverty level in rural regions and to become integral members and leaders in society through quality education. UNIVERSAL SMILE© is committed to cultivating the academic potential of each child through a comprehensive range of opportunities in primary school to prepare students for the next level of education, and to support those efforts through secondary school scholarships.

Our Beliefs

UNIVERSAL SMILE© believes it is every child’s birthright to receive Hope for a better future, Education to grow, unconditional Love, and Protection from disease and illness. UNIVERSAL SMILE©’s vision is to one day see a world in which children from the most impoverished regions have access to the quality education they need to lift their families, their countries, and themselves out of poverty. The organization imagines a world where enthusiastic teachers educate students in safe, hygienic and dependable school buildings, regardless of how far they are from a major city or how little their school receives from outside funding.

What We Do

Most importantly, UNIVERSAL SMILE© envisions a school as not only a place that educates students, but rather an environment that provides students with the necessary foundation to foster future growth into productive citizens and future leaders. UNIVERSAL SMILE© believes that through education; even the most impoverished people in the world have the ability to improve their own lives.


Founded on 23rd July 2013, this organisation has spread its wings to various needy places and it is day by day thriving to reach the needy children who are deprived of the basic amenities of life.

Mr. Mrinmoy Roy Chowdhury
– Founder and Chairman –

Mr. Tapan Roy Chowdhury
– Treasurer –

Mrs. Ankita Roy Chowdhury
– Founder and Secretary –

Mrs. Ruby Ghosh
– Asst Secretary –

Mr. Indrajit Ghosh
– Member –

Mrs. Nupur Ray Choudhury
– Member –

Mr. Raja Biswas
– Member –

Mr. Tanmoy Biswas
– Member –

Mr. Projwal Chowdhury
– Member –

Mrs. Mousumi Basu
– Member –

Mr. Abhijit Roy Chowdhury
– Member –

Apart from everybody’s personal life, all has a common motive in mind and thus has forwarded their step jointly for serving the society in various manners possible by them without being supported by Government/Other similar body.

Our  Objectives

  • Provide immediate help of food and shelter at the time of natural calamities.
  • Establish, run, manage and control various orphanage Anath Ashram, Old age Home, Children Home, Women Hostel, Destitute Women’s shelter Home, Crèche and other Home for needy etc.
  • Undertake philanthropic & sustainable community development at urban, semi-urban and rural areas.
  • Execute and Implement Mother & Child care development women empowerment and Emancipation program.
  • Establish, run, manage and control various orphanage Anath Ashram, Old age Home, Children Home, Women Hostel, Destitute Women’s shelter Home, Crèche and other Home for needy etc.
  • Undertake poverty alleviation, Income – generator program, self-employment & vocational Educational program, Micro-credit program with formation of self help group (SHG) with a special focus on women participation.
  • Organize computer education camp and literacy program for educating the poor masses.
  • Emphasize on Girl child’s education and adult women education.
  • Undertake environment development programs, Agro based programs and Bill-diversity conservation & greenery project program.
  • Undertake Animal Husbandry welfare program.
  • Set-up handicapped welfare home and day-care centre for the needy classes.
  • Undertake social, cultural sport activities to observe the national importance day & birth day of Great men and women of our motherland.
  • Execute various other types of Innovative sustainable development program from time to time.