Ongoing Projects

Children Care Unit


We have a Children Care Unit where we accommodate 30 underprivileged Children (12 Girls and 18 Boys). This Unit provides them all the basic need of life like food and shelter along with general education in S.D.Academy School under West Bengal Government.  We also train them in various extra activities like Drawing, Clay modelling, Dancing, Singing, Recitation, Yoga, indoor and outdoor games.


Street Children are the prime target for child labour, sex workers, unsocial activities.Education to them is like a dream they could never conquer.We try to act as a bridge between them and their much awaited dream to make them happen in reality. Providing education will act as a gateway for them to the vast world. We work on these critical areas for the development of the society by wrapping the children with the contributions of few internal teachers through extra tuitions, counselling, extracurricular activities and others. This will help them to make a step in the main stream and smoothly progress through school.


Understanding a child is one of the most important things that one should learn as a mentor or guardian. It is very helpful in becoming effective in guiding and nurturing the child as they grow and mature. We need to bear in mind that every child has a unique personality trait that remains consistent throughout life.

One of the ways we can understand the children is by observing them as they sleep, eat, or play. Look for the consistent traits. Which activities do they like best? Is adjusting to changes easy for them or do they need time to become familiar with these things? These things are the normal characteristics of a child and these children may not be an exception.

As much as possible, we need to talk to these children as this is crucial to gain information and understanding. In the case of young children, they require less verbal language and more facial expression and body language in order to understand their thoughts and feelings. Asking them questions will allow them to share their feelings to you.

We organize a weekly counselling program to develop an underprivileged child mentally.  Reputed psychiatrists interact with the child and improve their inner strength. We try to convert their life slowly from a road side life to a disciplined life. Street children are coming from different cities and villages most of these families are living in a very poorly condition at slums or on street.


Children living in the streets are our prime target area. A healthy child can create a healthy generation ahead which will lead to a healthier group of citizens in future.

We aim to improve the health status of these children and also their families living in the streets.

We organize separate campaigns in various zones to focus on utmost need of that area by various medical tests and health checkups. We regularly campaign to raise awareness of issues affecting the nation’s wellbeing and to help people better manage their health.  We use our research and evidence to produce high quality information that helps people survive, recover from and prevent health problems as well as reduce the malnutrition with them. We try to reach as many as we can each year via events, distribute information booklets to aware them.


We organize computer classes for our children, aware them to use computer. Provide advance training to intermediate. We distribute booklet and small books to needy students around our area to make them aware of computer.Apart from this we have a plan to spread computer education to the women and children of the aligning areas to boost their self confidence and that will help them to build a good carrier ahead.


We organize various vocational training modules to train the needy housewives and the woman mass to help them get their right through basic earnings. We also organize vocational training for the children to help them make their steps strong in various fields.